We provide video production and post production facility to capture every single moment of your special event.  Formatted in a way ready to share on Social media, Portable DVD, Pen drive, etc. We guarantee high level of professionalism.


Photography From 1826, the first Photo taken to this modern age, Photography has become one of the key element in any kind of event.  It’s a skill to capture one of the most important moments of your life.  From Wedding, Birthdays, Model Photo shoots, Corporate events, social gathering, we capture it all with our renowned and professional crew.

Event Decoration

Decoration creates an ambience to suit the objective, purpose, and nature of the event through the right selection of colors and shades making the event stylish, comfy and pampered for the host.
We offer services for Corporate events to deliver the right angle of business where your brand is prominently displayed to attract more business opportunities.
Social Events such as Birthdays, Proposals, wedding, Anniversary, etc. are customized to meet the requirements of your loved celebrity.
With every Design, we convey your story and your emotions and ensure decoration ideas are not repetitive but create a world of your imagination


What do you think when someone talks about cake?

Exactly only about the positive moments of your life. The cake is memories of childhood, birthdays, weddings and a lot of wonderful, positive, funny moments.

Delicious toppings and beautiful tidying invoke smiles on your face that delight us. We are ready to provide you with a cake that will invite you for your entire life.



Illuminate your moments into the right ambience and rhythm with professional lighting ideas to create memorable and magical moments.  Tailored solution to create maximum impact and emotional connection with guest.  Our skilled professional will take care of your safety and ensure to meet your expectations.


Keep the hassle out of your house or save cost booking a venue using Tents & Marquees for your special events.

Effective to create brand awareness, Tents & Marquees can be branded with company logo and tagline giving rich look and exposure to your business.

Create your own personal story and unique environment for your loved ones on their Birthdays, wedding, social gathering, etc. making your event memorable

We have extremely versatile, easily accommodating, pathways, tents, and marquees for all types of events, available in multi-colors and in an assortment of small sizes. Starting from traditional to modern or with any particular theme that you are looking for.


Celebrations are always accompanied by music from the time of our ancestor. Music at your function makes the whole experience more enjoyable, lively and authentic.

It’s important to hear what is being said, if audience can’t hear what the speaker is saying then it makes the communication rather useless.

Create high-quality AV systems for your corporate events or celebration function ranging from basic installation, through to the most complex and demanding application. Our expert team will advise you on the sound technology selection based on your concept and budget to get the right music rolling your guest.



Adding special effects to your event production is a great way to engage with your guests and give a dramatic pop to your event. Creating an everlasting memory, our awe-inspiring spectacular effects within a safe environment provides for an exhilarating experience for you and your audience. Special Effects Services Include Lasers, Fog, Confetti, Bubbles, Haze, Low-Lying Fog and more…

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