Corporate events provide opportunities for companies to meet and discuss the agreed agenda. There are various types of corporate events that make use of entertainment. We make an entertaining opening session that adds excitement and presents the overall theme of the Event.

From travel, stay, leisure and advertisements, Raise Up expertly organizes such events so that extremely busy time bound schedules of the corporate participants and business luminaries are best utilized.


Conferences are meant to have a niche theme of the meeting in an entertaining manner making it special moments at the same time most productive and informative allowing the attendees to build up relations with personnel from various participating industries.  Conferences typically have multiple sessions starting from keynote followed by breakout by subject matter

Conferences today need expertise to execute in order to create synergy in communication at all levels. We recognize this area of communication through custom made motivational themes crafted with extensive survey about the company.  We provide facilities ranging from identifying the most suitable venue, setup conference hospitality, entertainment, floral decorations etc. making it a remarkable event

Gala Dinner

Gala dinner is a special activity which is a combination of entertainment, food and it has its own high importance in corporate world.

We embrace the audience in unforgettable moments that will not only provide excellent networking opportunities but will also be promising the ROIs

Services such as Venue selection, Food/beverages menu’s, motivational speech writing based on the concept and last but not the least entertainment factor which we are best at


Awards are recognitions of achievements or milestone achieved. To receive the awards, the ambience is an important factor. We create the ambience in the most special way, giving importance to the brand, the awardees and the crowd. From In-house Award Nights to Public Awards, we create the Stunning factor with excellent production and the choice of the Emcee, The chief guests, the security of the event and crowd management.

       Fashion Show

Fashion show is a platform for designers attempting to modernize the style through their aesthetic viewpoint together with integration of Audio, Video and live streaming technology.  As a result, fashion shows can tend to be more conceptual and focused on higher level ideas.

We have specialized crew who can professionally handle all the services including but limited to stage set-up, ramp fabrication, sound & light, AV equipment, choreography, make-up artists, hair stylists etc.


Trade Show   

Trade show objective is to invite members of a specific industry to exhibit, launch, demonstrate and elaborate their products and services.  It’s an opportunity to generate leads, engage with new business partners, customers, understand market trend and create awareness within the target region.

We ensure that corporate vision is met within the deadlines drawing expected crowd through ways of Marketing stunts across Social, Radio, TV and print medias.

We set the objectives, strategy, promotion, implement, manage, evaluate Exhibitors and visitor’s static survey and plan post event activities reinforcing business relationships.

From Travel, Hotels, venue, execution of event, entertainment, it’s our one stop shop

Grand Opening

Finest way to introduce and create buzz about new business, Product or new location to the community is through Grand opening and are focused from business to consumer

We can propose the best way to reveal your new product/location in style through,

  • meticulous planning,
  • marketing media campaigns,
  • Get press in,
  • provide discounts and giveaways

Our delivered quality of the such event is consistently high due to, reliable sourcing and professional supervision.



It’s very important to deliver a proper presentation and convey your product message without losing focus especially when you are new to the audience, by keeping aura simple through words and ambience.

We are here to setup your ambience that will indulge you with its professional beauty.  Starting from Venue, PA system, projectors, décor and last but not the least, support in your speech using healthy dose of humor where you interact and not rant with your audience


Exhibition is a major event for an organization to display and market the Product and/or Service.

We fully understands return on investment hence provide hands-on experience to the brand or product, vital for generating enquires and sales leads. With this in mind, every exhibition stall is designed and constructed by our experienced designers, ensuring that you attract the right audience throughout the exhibition.

From initial brief, to innovative eye catching Exhibition stalls, advertising strategies to post event evaluation we aim to meet and exceed your expectations.


Seminars are ideally short events lasting from couple hours to few days with multiple speakers addressing to target audience providing relevant information.

We gather future together in a way, developing relationships that couldn’t exist without the ambience that we build in your office or outside office within the organization budget


Team Building   

Team building focus on growing company’s strength by investing on its gravitational force, “EMPLOYEES” while boasting their confidence, morale and appreciate their efforts. Its time well spend among the employees understanding each other in a non-working environment

To add to the positive environment we sparkle the moments through creating positive ambience motivating employees, create activities making the event cheerful at the same time encouraging employees to touch new horizons

Marketing & PR

PR is a strong tool penetrating public opinion to convey clear message to audience through press releases, both cost and reach effective compared to standard Newspaper, Radio or TV advertisements. Raise Up understands a PR event is not just planning and managing but basically is developing client & consumer relationships. We work not only on basic arrangements of venue, food and entertainment but also compliment the event strategy through advertisement plans, SEO, YoY ROI results to learn/correct mistakes ensuring better results

    Breakfast briefing

Elders said morning time is best for human mind to grasp new ideas and boost your day.  Breakfast time is the appropriate to map out your plans and strategies. 

Get together with you families to plan your most important moments of life or bring out your staff to announce strategic changes to the model of operation, discuss on possibilities and pros & cons on new structure, policies.  It will be all turn out positive in the morning.


Brand Event   

Brand Activation is very huge concept in this modern world as most of the big and MNC companies are engaging directly with target audience consumers using this sort of medium.

We know Brand activation aren’t complex, all we do is target right audience falling into product category and visually experience them  what they are scouting for.

Our professional crew displays the product exploring every beauty of it capturing objective of the event

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